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In our international community, which is now extremely divided, everybody is pro-something, so do I. I am pro-Ukraine, I was born in (east) Ukraine. I am pro-Russia because I am a Russian. My parents were born in Russia, in this very unique country no one can understand and for that reason often afraid of. I am pro-West because I admire its culture, especially music, and of course other achievements. I am pro-America because I love US's free spirit, I have it too. Every country in this world is important for different reasons and I am pro-all countries and cultures. I am NOT pro-Lenin's dead body in Moscow's Mausoleum and extremely happy that Russia managed to get rid of the communists' destructive regime. I wish they would buried Lenin body too. I am NOT pro-Ukrainian (or other) Nazis. Saw some of them in Ukraine, where I spent first 15 years of my life. I am NOT pro-communist America because it loses freedoms, free spirit and destructive for economy. I am NOT pro-New World Order because it would be like ex-USSR, just the whole world’s size. Then, it would be no opportunity to escape, no place to immigrate. I TRULY BELIEVE in GOD (not in one that has horns and tail, and not in priests who contradict themselves) and follow canons (do not lie, do not kill, do not steal, etc.). It makes every day of my life delightful and happy. It gives me strength and great mood.

I have a great alternative for the New World Order idea that serves the false values. The bottom line is: I am pro-Neopoprealim "World Order". Read Neopoprealism 10 Canons for Happier life that really work. Join the movement. It is free. Just follow canons in your daily life and spread the word about your experiences. Even those who now desperately pushing forward an idea of the New World Order can also find happiness in Neopoprealism.          ~ Neopoprealism Creator, Nadia Russ. July 12, 2014, New York City 

PS. I do not use no Gmail nor blackberry phone - you know why. I also do not like swimming in a social media ocean because it would be a wasting of my valuable time and would steal the peacefulness of my life. I do not care if they like me or not. 




CELEBRATION of 25th ANNIVERSARY of NeoPopRealism, created by MADIA RUSS Dec. 1989, continues in 2015.

  View artwork of the WINNERS of NeoPopRealist Int'l Art Contest, dedicated to 25th anniversary, in the NeoPopRealism Journalhttp://neopoprealismjournal.wikifoundry.com/page/neopoprealism



INFORMATION for "DUMMIES" from Nadia Russ:

NeoPopRealsim has NOTHING in Common with the Pop Art and/or Neo-pop art styles and cannot be categorized as Pop Art and.or Neo-pop. Read Wikipedia's articles and see it yourself:

Pop Art (created by Andy Warhol+) : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pop_art

If after reading those articles, you still classify NeoPopRealism art style as Pop Art or Neo-pop, sorry but I will have to drop " " from a word dummy.

Art world was always dominated by the males' art styles inventors-creators: Picasso, Pollock, Dali, Warhol, etc. But, everything has changed. May be I, Nadia Russ, do not have a penis, as those previous inventors had, but for sure I have brains and talents that substitute  it. Do not piss off, sexists!!

NeoPopRealism is a new style of visual arts (New Popular Realism), which I created in 1989 on purpose, not by accident or mistake, but to make my life meaningful and to leave a significant trace in Visual Arts. Now, the males' art world have to accept it as inevitable. Also, men-inventors (living or dead), during last 70 years you quite declined, when it comes to depth of expression of the human feelings and emotions. Yes, you are superficial. NeoPopRealism is Antipode to Pop Art and Neo-pop.


With any questions regarding purchasing the artwork - original or print, or Nadia Russ' books by bulk, contact: nadiaruss@yahoo.com (write in Subject line "Important")

Because in 21st Century, We Cannot Afford Go Stupid Monkeys With Doodling
NeoPopRealism is style of visual arts, created by Nadia Russ in 1989, and manifested online+ in 2003, after she on January 4, 2003 created a term NeoPopRealism. NeoPopRealism Art combines the brightness and simplicity with deepness of psychology, it has high energy colors and graphic nature. NeoPopRealism is a separate art style and cannot be labeled under 'Pop Art' because NeoPopRealism has sophisticated and philosophical nature, while the Pop Art is superficial. Only the drawings for children are simple enough and less sophisticated to help the little students understand the NeoPopRealist art drawing concept and technique. Nadia Russ suggests to librarians and other bibliographers to add a new category - 'NeoPopRealism' for the NeoPopRealism instructional books and artwork. NeoPopRealism 10 canons for happier life Nadia Russ created in 2004.
You are probably would like to know more about a SECRET of NEOPOPREALISM style and why almost everyone who tries to work in this manner ends up with doodling or simple decoration of the realistic work with patterns, instead of creating a NeoPopRealist Art as Nadia Russ does. First of all, DO NOT COPY anything and DO NOT CONTROL YOUR HAND and BRAIN. Because your subconscious is more clever and talented than your consciousness. But it is not easy to open your extraordinary abilities' treasure box. You need a special key that now is located in the Nadia Russ' instructional books. You always can try to connect your little brain to the MIND of Universe with the help of self-suggestion and training. 
Many realists-artists after while begin to hate their realist work and creative process because they feel like they are trapped in a dark box without air and without abiliy to move on from the boring copying the realistic life and to create something unique and imaginative. This is what happened to Nadia Russ too, before 1989. However, she was able to break through, and even more, to create a new style of visual arts NEOPOPREALISM, based on her foundings how to break through those mental restrictions. In 1989, she learned how to open her mind to the Universe, to move on to the higher level psychologically, where she do not have to rely on the brain's limited abilities. She intentionally cuts her brain's controlling function off to be free of memory and unintentionally installed in us restrictions, habits, that put limitations on our creativity. This is the secret.
However, not many able to do that. And if you won't be able to do this too when creating NeoPopRealist art work - it is not easy to put yourself in subconscious state of mind - then you will end up with simple dividing space with lines into sections and then, filling these sections with different repetitive patterns. Too bad, because you end up with doodling that has nothing in common with ART and has only some little flavor of NeoPopRealism art, but is not the actual NeoPopRealist artwork. It happens because your conscious abilities are full of limitations and you normally use only up to 16% of your brain's gray matter's potentials. And everyone will see it through your work. How shame!
Young adults and the schools' students must learn how to create NeoPopRealist Art (not silly doodling, "art" for dummies) and to succeed, because their brains are still in the process of development and are more open for experiments and new things. The Nadia Russ' instructional books are the source that can teach it and give an inspiration to break through. 
"Taste is the best judge. It is rare. Art only addresses itself to an excessively small number of individuals". ~Paul Cezanne 

NeoPopRealism 10 Canons for Happier Life

1. Be beautiful; 2. Be creative and productive; never stop studying and learning; 3. Be peace-loving, positive-minded; 4. Do not acceptcommunist philosophy; 5. Be free-minded, do the best you can to move the world to peace and harmony; 6. Be family oriented, self-disciplined; 7. Be free spirited. Follow your dreams, if they are not destructive, but constructive; 8. Believe in god. God is one, it is harmony and striving for perfection; 9. Be supportive to those who need you, be generous; 10. Create your life as a great adventurous story. 

About what the NeoPopRealism philosophy for happier life stands for

To bring the peace to the earth, it is time to unite all the peace-loving people, to stop the use and production of the heavy military equipment and weapons of mass destruction, such as war ships, war planes, artillery, nuclear bombs, etc., in every part of the world, without any exception, once and forever. It has to be an international law, according to which any person of any country, in any government, responsible for use (or attempt to use) the heavy military equipment in any part of the world to kill people, would be imprisoned for the rest of life without possibility of amnesty, as the mass murderer. All sales of the heavy military equipment worldwide should be stopped, as well as production of new military heavy equipment, as part of this future law. 

To keep this planet eco-friendly and beautiful, and people happy, we have to say 'good bye' to some irresponsible boys' bloody toys.  


NEW BOOK "Nadia Russ, FACES: 1989-1996, Moscow", ISBN: 978-0615530505 features artwork by Nadia Russ, made in 1989-1996. It is available at Amazon.com. 

Nadia Russ, Faces, 2010. Ink/paper, 11"X8.5", 2010
Nadia Russ, TBM, acrylic on canvas, 53"x39', 2011
Nadia Russ, Two Man,acrylic on canvas, 53"X39", 2011
Nadia Russ, The Play acrylic on canvas, large size, 1997


Fort Lauderdale 100: A Must-Have Collector's Edition
Author: Nadia Russ

List Price: $67.95
8" x 10" (20.32 x 25.4 cm) 
138 pages
NeoPopRealism PRESS
ISBN-13: 978-0615470085 
ISBN-10: 0615470084 
BISAC: Art / American / General
"Fort Lauderdale 100: A Must-Have Collector's Edition" by internationally known NeoPopRealist artist Nadia RUSS, with foreword by Mayor of the City of Fort Lauderdale John P. "Jack" SEILER, is dedicated to the City of Fort Lauderdale. In 2011, Fort Lauderdale -- the Yachting Capital of the World and 'Venice of America' -- has celebrated its 100-year anniversary. The book's pages include one hundred color photographs by Nadia RUSS of the beautiful and breathtaking, unique and amazing, greatly unbelievable, amusing, glamorous, sunny, sandy, fascinating and unforgettable City of Fort Lauderdale. Also, this account contains information on the sights. Published in the United States in English with the partial translation in Russian. Buy book at Amazon, click HERE.

New York City: After Sandy & Before the End of the World
Author: NeoPopRealism Press, Photographs by Nadia Russ

List Price: $26.95 (Black & White Photographs)
List Price: $45.95 (Color Photographs)
8" x 10" (20.32 x 25.4 cm) 
112 pages
NeoPopRealism PRESS
ISBN-13: 978-0615734637  (Black & White)
ISBN-13: 978-0615733937  (Color) 
BISAC: Photography / Individual Photographer
A book "New York City: After Sandy & Before the End of the World" offers a stunning collection of 110 Nadia Russ' photographs of the New York City's Manhattan, made a few days after hurricane Sandy and ... before the end of the world. It includes text describing images. Buy black/white edition at Amazon, click HERE. Buy color edition at Amazon, click HERE.

**** ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Nadia Russ' illustration, 1992, journal "Russian Justice", Moscow
Nadia Russ, "Mick Jagger", ink/paper, 1994, Moscow


I1989, Nadia Russ (aka Nadejda Maloletneva) invented a new art style. She drew with ink pen a line that turned into the different shapes, figures, faces. Some sections, that appeared, she filled with different repetitive patterns. Nadia never uses eraser. If she makes a "mistake", it disappears because the following patterns balance the whole composition. Like all abstract art, this drawing is meditative. Later, she was using the same concept when she created her oil and acrylic canvases. This style called NeoPopRealism. NeoPopRealism is a term that she created January 4, 2003. The artworks of Nadia Russ are in the different collections, including museums' worldwide, private and corporate. To draw the pure NeoPopRealism artworks one needs to involve more than 16% of the regularly used gray matter of brain. Other way, you will land into a dull drawing process with the poor result (you can see it all over on the web, but better don't). How to open your mind and start using more that 16% of your gray matter without any dope, read "Inspirational Chapter" in any of the NeoPopRealism instructional book and view only the good art of established artists. Not each one who draw the lines and patterns can be the artist, but if you are able to involve more than 16% of your gray matter and and as result to create something unique, then maybe you will be considered as ONE.

Nadia Russ, Queen of Magic(1997),24"x36", acrylic/canvas. Collection of Ukrainian Museum in New York
Nadia Russ, Seasons of Nightmare (2002), acrylic on canvas, 34"x34"
Nadia Russ, Salmon Inscrutable (2004), acrylic on canvas, 21"x21
Nadia Russ, Cigar (1997), acrylic on canvas, 24"x24"
Nadia Russ, Rolls Royce Convertible (2006), ink, mix media on paper, 11"x17"
Nadia Russ, Rolls Royce d'Vinci (2006), ink, mix media on paper, 11"x17"
Nadia Russ, series "Faces", ink on paper, 2001, 8"x10"
Nadia Russ, series "Faces", ink on paper, 2001, 8"x10"
Nadia Russ, Four Faces (2001), acrylic on canvas, 34x34 inch
Nadia Russ, Funny People (1996), acrylic on canvas, 50x70cm
Nadia Russ, The Game (2003), acrylic on paper, 22"x26"
Nadia Russ, Hand (2007), acrylic on canvas, 40"x71"

NADIA RUSS' ARTWORK is available for purchase from websites:
NeoPopRealism Press: HERE
NEW! ART BOOKs: Recently published: A searies (8) of teaching/ learning books on How To draw NeoPopRealism ink images teach adults, teens and children the basics and advanced NeoPopRealism ink drawing: 
~For teens & adults: "How to Draw NeoPopRealism Color Abstract Images: Ink backgrounds", ISBN: 9780615569758
~For teens & adults: "How to Draw Advanced NeoPopRealism Ink Images", ISBN: 9780615569758 
~For teens & adults: "How to Draw NeoPopRealism Abstract Images: Metallic Exuberance", ISBN: 9780615560991 
~For teens & adults: "Black Book for NeoPopRealism Metallic Ink Pen Drawing", ISBN: 9780615561028 
~For teens & adults: "How to Draw NeoPopRealism Ink Images: Basics", ISBN: 9780615515755 
~For teens & adults: "How to Draw NeoPopRealism Abstract: Ink Backgrounds", ISBN: 9780615527437 
~For children: "How to Draw the Abstract Images: Children's Guide"ISBN: 978-0615545332;  ebook  <- free preview in Google Books
See full list of books with descriptions in www.neopoprealism.org  <-- They are available at 30% off to educators and libraries.
NeoPopRealism PRESS (www.neopoprealism.org) is academic publisher. It provides academics and individuals with unparalleled up-to-date information and highly specialist art skills and knowledge related to NeoPopRealism. The NeoPopRealism Press publishes and distributes instructional books on NeoPopRealism authored by the NeoPopRealism creator Nadia RUSS (www.nadiaruss.com). NeoPopRealism Press provides individuals and organisations with the knowledge they need to carry out their work. 

*"...Russian-born artist Nadia Russ shows her bold and fanciful acrylics..." New York Daily News, 2000 (USA)
*Article "Nadia Russ: NeoPopRealism" in NY ARTS magazine (2004, New York, USA)
*Article "Nadia Russ: NeoPopRealism конотопского происхождения" in  Panorama newspaper (2007, Ukraine)
*Nadia Russ' artwork "Rolls Royce D'Vinci" on the cover of The Flaneur, independent art journal (2010, UK)
~Find more about Nadia Russ and NeoPopRealism in art books, published by NeoPopRealism Press at www.neopoprealism.org
~Photocopies of articles form different magazines & newspapers from all over the globe about Nadia Russ' art (in English, Russian &
Ukrainian) can be found at Flickr
~Scroll down to see Nadia Russ' exhibition featuring on Bahamas TV, Channel 13.



 NADIA RUSS' works are in various permanent art collections all over the world, including:

1. Ukrainian Museum in New York  2. MOYA, Museum of Young Art, Vienna, Austria 3. WEAM, World Erotic Art Museum in Miami Beach (USA) 4.  Simferopol Art Museum, Crimea  5. Sumy Art Museum, Ukraine  6. Kinsey Institute, Indiana University art collection  7. New York Public Library, NY, (USA) 8. Art Museum of Lebedyn, Ukraine  9. The Schacknow Museum of Fine Arts, Florida, USA 10. Historical Museum of Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, USA  11. Museum of Local Lore of Konotop, Ukraine 12. D. Burliuk Foundation, Ukraine,  etc.




*Letizia gallery, NY, NY, USA - 1992;
*Souz Tvortchestvo Gallery, Moscow, Russia -1993;
*Tri Doma Gallery, Moscow, Russia - 1993;
*Auto Art Gallery, Moscow, Russia
*Bulgarian Culture Center, Moscow, Russia -1994;
*Freeport Art Center, Bahamas-1997;
*Port Lucaya Yacht Club, Freeport, Bahamas-1997;
*Prestige Auto, Freeport, Bahamas 1998;
*Art Gallery Club 13 at Xanadu Hotel, Freeport, Bahamas-1999-2000;
*Online Gallery NowCulture.com, NYC, USA-2000;
*Club Moscow, New York, NY, USA-2000;
*Ft. Lauderdale Antique Car Museum, Florida, USA-2001;
*96 Str Branch New York Public Library, NYC, USA (2004 - Nadia Russ: NeoPopRealism. Original Canvases)-2004;
*96 Str Branch NY Public Library, NYC, USA (2006 - Nadia Russ: NeoPopRealism. Works On Paper. Prints)-2006;
*Sumy Regional Library of Science, Ukraine-2008, 



*Manege, Moscow, Russia-1990;
*M. Gruzinskaya, Moscow, Russia -1991;
*NY Film
Video Festival, New York, USA-2001;
*Galeria d'Art Zero, Barselona, Spain-2001;
*Ninth Life Fine Art Gallery, St. Thomas, USVI-2002;
*BBBS Charity Auction, Bridgewater, NYC, NY, USA-2001;
*Carrazza, Radisson Bahia Mar Hotel, Ft. Lauderdale, FL, USA-2002;
*The Davis Art Gallery, 1523 Las Olas Blvd, Ft. Lauderdale, FL, USA-2002;
*ArtServe, "Best of City Link", Exhibit & Festival, Ft. Lauderdale, FL, USA-2002;
*Warehouse 721, Ft. Lauderdale, FL, USA-2002;
*Soho Gallery, A1A, Beach Place, Ft. Lauderdale, USA2003;
*Uma Gallery (Limited edition glass plates), NYC, NY, USA-2007;

*Manhattan Motorcars (Luxury Cars series), NYC, NY, USA-2006-2010; etc.

Надя Русс, Надежда МАЛОЛЕТНЕВа

Check selected magazines & newspapers..
Click on images to enlarge)
New York Daily News newspaper (2000) features Nadia Russ' drawing
Happenings Around Town newspaper.Article "Nadia Russ - An Artist for the New Century"(Bahamas)
Article about Nadia Russ' art in Talent magazine, 2001, New York City
Freeport News newspaper article about Nadia Russ "Russian Artist Is Very Impressed With Bahamas"1997
About Nadia Russ art in Moscovski Hudojnik newspaper, Moscow
Nadia Russ art in Literaturni Bazaar/ Literaturnay Gaseta, Moscow
About Nadia Russ art in Moskovski Komsomoletc newspaper, Moscow, Russia
About Nadia Russ art in Vecherni Club newspaper, Moscow (Russia)


Nadia Russ' Art


Nadia RUSS is the founder of NeoPopRealism Journal, Wonderpedia, NeoPopRealism Starz International Art Competitions (2008-2010) and NEW MILLENNIUM ART (2010); participates as a Juror (individually or in a panel) in national & international art competitions.


Art Books that below by Nadia RUSS are available at  Google books:


NeoPopRealism Starz: 21st Century ART, 1st Vol., 2009

Nadia RUSS (Author) 
ISBN: 9781441570857
e-book: $9.99 


NeoPopRealism Starz: 21st Century ART, Erotica As A High Artistic Aspiration (2010)
Nadia RUSS (Author) 
ISBN: 9781450059955
e-book: $9.99


NEW MILLENNIUM ART: NeoPopRealism Starz, A Must-Have Book For Artists & Art Lovers ( 2011)

ISBN: 9781456831509
e-book: $9.99 


Nadia RUSS is also the former award-winning journalist (1989-1992) in Moscow. Read her interviews (pdf) with Russian congressmen published in national Russian publications: https://sites.google.com/site/visualartarchives/executive-docs  

Traveling to the past:

Russian Television, Moscow, 1995. TV program "THIRD EYE". TV studio decorated with Nadia RUSS' NeoPopRealist work.



*Nadia Russ' Art exhibit in Souz Tvortchestvo Gallery, 1994, Moscow, Russia - 5 TV featuring & interviews (5 different chanels);

*Art Studio in Moscow, 1995 - TV featuring of Nadia Russ' Art;

*Program "Law & Order" with Anatoli Bezuglov - Decorating TV studio with Nadia Russ Art, 1994, Moscow, Russia;

*Program "Third Eye" - Studio Decoration, 1994, Moscow, Russia;

*5 minutes live on Moscow TV - featuring book of humorous stories "I murdered a Man" (written & illustrated by Nadia Russ), 1994, Russia;

*Freeport, Bahamas, TV featuring - exhibit in Freeport Art Center, 1997;   etc.

DECA-DaNCE: & how swindlers, coxcombs, & sexists failed America and how to break through & be happy
Author: Nadia Russ 
List Price: $25.95
6" x 9" (15.24 x 22.86 cm) 
226 pages
NeoPopRealism PRESS
ISBN-13: 978-0615655680 
This 226 pages nonfiction tells a story about the world we live in. It explains why decadence in our society has happened and how it is related to our values. Transparency is a powerful tool against those who are putting profit before integrity. This book explores many aspects of our lives, including the corruption. It offers the solutions to problems and teaches how to improve your life and be happy. This account explores through the prism of relationships between people the variety of subjects - communism and capitalism, crime and corruption, sexism and love, elections 2012 and the government, much more. It is illustrated with photographs. Buy book HERE.  

Работы Нади Русс (Надежды Mалолетневой) находятся в собраниях музеев, включая государствнных: Cумском Xудожественном Музее (Ukraine), Cимферопольском Xудожественном Музее (Crimea), в MOYA - Музее Молодого Искусства в Вене (Австрия), WEAM - Мировом Музее Эротического Искусства в CШA, Украинском Музее в Hью-Йорке, в Xудожественном Музее Лебедина на Украине, историческом Музее Форт Лаудердейла в CШA, Kонотопском Xудожественном Музее на Украине, Schacknov Xудожественном Музее в CШA, и в других государствнных и частных собраниях по всему миру.


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All Art Works Are Copyrighted by Nadia Russ & Any Type of Copying Is Prohibited

Rainbow is a Symbol of Peace &amp; Prosperity 

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1. MOYA, Museum of Young Art, Vienna, Austria - series of 2 'Luxury cars',; 'Summer', 2003, acrylic/canvas; 'My Pink City', 2003, acrylic/canvas; 2. Kinsey Institute, Indiana University art collection - 2 glass plates with image "Miss & Her Admirer"; CD-R - film "NeoPopRealism For Sex Addicts", 5 min 16 sec.; canvases (series of 2) "Legs & Fine Man", 2001; 3. WEAM, World Erotic Art Museum in Miami Beach - lamination on glass (3,5 deameter) with image "Miss & Her Admirer", 1/8; 4. Ukrainian Museum in New York - "Queen of Magic", 24"x36, canvas/acrylic on plywood; "Little Orange Girl In A Pink City", acrylic/canvas; "Aces & Faces", acrylic/canvas; 5. Hotel Lucayan, Freeport, Bahamas - several color prints;  6. New York Public Library, NY, USA - several work on paper (prints);  7. D. Burliuk Foundation, Ukraine - over 60 art works;  8. Simferopol Art Museum,  Ukraine - two works on canvas "Conductor" & "Blue Moon", both 24"x36", painted in 1996 in the Bahamas; 9. Art Museum of Lebedyn, Ukraine - two work on canvas "House" & "Dancing Traffic Lights", both 23"x28" made in 1996 in the Bahamas; 10. Sumy Art Museum, Ukraine - 20 ink/paper works 8"x10", "Faces"; 11. The Schacknow Museum of Fine Arts, Florida, USA - 5 art works on paper/ink "Faces"; 12. Historical Museum of Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, USA - art works on paper "Faces", including antique car "Ford", ink/paper 22"x26";  13. Museum of Local Lore of Konotop, Ukraine - work on canvas "Lover" and several art works on paper;